Sending Xero Invoices Using company Email

sending xero email using company email address

Case Study: Sending Xero invoices, receipts, credit notes etc. using companies email ID without utilizing Xero's email service.


Atranz New Zealand, a leading business in their industry, faced a significant challenge in their invoicing and email communication processes. With a growing client base and increasing volume of transactions, manually sending Xero invoices, receipts or credit notes emails became a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Moreover, reliance on Xero’s email service posed challenges as emails were not easily identifiable by clients and many times ended up in spam folders. 


Sending invoices through xero was inefficient and often lands in spam as there is no option to send invoices thorugh companies email id directly via xero. The need for a streamlined solution to integrate Xero with Atranz’s existing software infrastructure for seamless workflow automation. 


To address these challenges, Atranz engaged with our team to develop a tailored integration solution. Our approach involved the development of a standalone software bridge specifically designed for Xero with any software for sending all emails directly via company email and recieve all email directly into xero and software.


Software Development: We developed a custom software solution that acted as a bridge between Xero and Atranz’s internal systems. This software seamlessly integrated with Xero and Atranz’s existing software infrastructure. 

Workflow Automation: Our software automates the process of creating and sending invoices, receipts, credit notes, and other emails. When Atranz creates work within their system and pushes it into Xero, our software automatically converts it into an invoice and dispatches it to the respective client using the company’s email ID. 

Email Customization: By utilizing Atranz’s email address for communication, our solution ensured that emails were easily identifiable by clients and less likely to be marked as spam. Moreover, all client replies were directed back to Atranz’s software for efficient communication management. 

Client Management Integration: Our solution seamlessly synchronized customer data between Atranz’s system and Xero. Whenever Atranz adds a new customer in their system, our software automatically updates this information in Xero and to our bridge, enabling all email communication to be routed through the company’s email address. 

Results Efficiency Improvement: By automating the invoicing and email communication process, Atranz significantly reduced manual effort and time spent on administrative tasks. 

Enhanced Client Experience: Customized email communication using Atranz’s email address improved client recognition and reduced the likelihood of emails being marked as spam. 

Seamless Integration: Our solution seamlessly integrated with Atranz’s existing software infrastructure, providing a unified workflow for enhanced efficiency and productivity. 


By partnering with us to develop a tailored integration solution, Atranz New Zealand successfully streamlined their email communication and workflow automation processes. Our custom software not only automated invoicing and email dispatch but also ensured a seamless integration between Xero and Atranz’s internal systems. As a result, Atranz achieved improved efficiency, enhanced client experience, and greater productivity in their operations.