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Our app has everything you need for scoring in Test, One-Day, and T20 cricket matches. It comes with a user-friendly interface to make scoring your matches a breeze. Our main aim is to help you switch from using a paper scorebook to a digital one effortlessly.

Whitel labeled cricket scoring app for your business

10x better Scoring

International Score board

Manage & Register

Your tournaments

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Tailor the app to represent your brand seamlessly while enjoying the convenience of efficient cricket scoring.

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Tailoring the app to your requirements – we customize for your unique needs.

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One app for all cricket need

We will help you integrate our app with your preexisting business or app. 

Ball to Ball Scoring

10x better scoring than paper-based scoresheets

Professional Scorecard

Get international-grade scorecard for all your matches.


Register and manage your entire tournament effortlessly


The most advanced insights to become a world-class cricketer.

Cricket Associations

Follow tournaments of ICC and BCCI-affiliated associations.

Cricket Feed

Enjoy daily polls, quizzes, trivia, videos, news and much more.

Kalpvaig Cricket App Market

Trade your products, services, and skills with millions of cricket fans.


Find a team, ground, tournament, umpire and much more easily

Premium Features

Make your tournament super special with our premium features.


Find jobs, academies, grounds, shops, and more for your cricket needs.

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