Softwares are required when task having the fast update or to be installed where the internet connectivity is not good enough. Mostly Softwares are developed on Windows Platform. Although we provide some of the solution regarding standalone desktop softwares.

Softwares for Desktops/Mac

Our Team speclializes in building high quality application for all 3 platforms including macOs, Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 or later

Desktop application help utilize the windows keyboard including the various external USB connections like a finger print scanner, bar code scanner or any external IOT Devices. This help us in building a robust software for specific scenarios for specific use cases.

Offline Functionality

Building a software for desktop help in utilizing the offline capability of the operating system and can store all the data offline of hard drive which can also be synced with remote services at regularly

Hardware Integration

The desktop software help us achieve the faster hardware integration that requires large screen or keyboard to make that scenario work for this use case and huge library of firmwares can be leveraged.

Our Software Services

We provide a wide range of software development for our clients. From Data Entry, GST Invoicing Software to ERP Integration, IOT Integration to existing services

Windows Desktop App

The softwares are executables which can be installed to any windows based operating system compatibility of Windows 7 or Later

Mac Application

We build darvin based software to run on MacBooks and Mac Pro machines with OSX compatibility with OSX Sierra and later

Linux (Ubuntu)

We also build gtk application for your linux based operating system. The compilation option varies from debian based distribution to red hat based distribution including fedora.

Our Software Screenshots

These are some of our recent software screenshots

Our Happy Clients!

“Software development is delicate thing and these guys know exactly how to deliver one”


“If you are looking for serious and well versed guys with the software domain, these are the ones to call”

Pamela Jervis
Researcher, IFS

“They have very dedicated team and they quickly resolve any bugs in real-time ,that really impressed me”

IT Manager, Axess Group