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Why Fleet Management software and app

Identifying areas for improvement and strategizing for business growth becomes challenging when relying on manual methods like pen and paper or spreadsheets to manage your clients, jobs, trucks, drivers, deliveries, expenses and invoices. It can also be laborious and time-consuming process.

It can take away valuable time from your core business operations and become overwhelming. Additionally, relying on offline data management methods brings the risk of data loss, lacks the ability to provide insightful analytics and reports, and hinders efficient tracking of jobs, drivers, and deliveries.

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Intelligent Fleet management

Streamline your business operations from job planning to completion with our comprehensive suite of tools. Experience the convenience of automatically generating dockets and sending invoices to clients. Effortlessly record payments and timesheets while improving fuel efficiency and monitoring consumption. 

Stay on top of your expenses and profits, and dedicate more time to business growth using our powerful graphical and analytical data. Utilize our in-app tracking system to monitor your trucks and drivers in real-time. Effectively manage a large number of  fleets, drivers, clients and jobs with our intelligent fleet management app and software, ensuring seamless operations for your organization.

Features and function of our solution

Transport Portal

  • Differnet access for staff, admin and client & supervisor.
  • Unlimited addition of admin, driver, mechanic, staff, client and fleet.
  • Convert your dockets into invoice on a single click.
  • Expenses and profits.
  • Graphical and analytical representation of data.
  • Fuel log and fuel efficiency.
  • Plan future jobs on calendar and get reminder.
  • Timesheet of driver, mechanic and staff.
  • Job creation, updation and delete integrated with sms, viber and email.
  • Fleet pre inspection.
  • mechanic bills and payoffs.
  • Driver payoffs.
  • Clients bill and work management.
  • Chat with driver or staff.
  • Docket details, bills and all details at one place. 
  • Much more.

Mobile APP

• Job creation and assignment by admin 

• Online docket and offline docket creation.
• Job edit, update or delete.
• Job scheduling.
• Customer sign off on delivery.
• Mail, sms and viber on job creation to client &
• Fleet pre-inspection, docket entry by driver.
• VIBER integration, chat with admin & driver.
• Mail & sms on job done with customer
sign to customer and admin.
• Easy delivery checkoff through app.
• Mechanic bill raise and pre inspection integration.
• Notification enabled.
• Job tracking.
• Job start and end timing auto sync.
• Driver login and tracking of work.

It is a wonderfull experience working with kalpvaig team, they've worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service.
Bob Chetty
Owner ATRANZ LIMITED (New Zeland)