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Your logo. It is the primary element of your visual identity. It’s usually the first glimpse the customer has into your brand. With that in mind, it’s important to thoughtfully consider what your logo “says” to your audience.

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A wordmark is a stylized typographic version of an organization’s name. Oftentimes, the wordmark is even an accepted shortened version of the official name.

Lettermarks (Monograms)

A Lettermark is a typographic representation of a brand, using its initials or acronym. Generally, the brand or organization is referred to by this acronym. We are all familiar with International Business Machines

Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark features a graphic image or icon that clearly represents something associated with the brand. That image may be a literal reference to the brand name, or a reference to the brand’s mission or values.

Abstract Marks

An Abstract Mark is very similar in function to a Pictorial Mark, but it is one that conveys an idea or aspiration or values in a conceptual form, as opposed to a more realistic icon.


An Emblem is a logo that generally uses typography and/or graphics in a contained shape, like a shield or some geometric form. What defines them most is that, 1) the typography and the symbol/shape are interconnected, and 2) the product or brand name is generally presented in its complete form.

Combination Marks

A Combination Mark is the type of logo that we see most commonly. As the name implies, it combines a Wordmark with an icon (Pictorial or Abstract Mark). These elements can be side-by-side, stacked, or interconnected in some way.

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"Dr. Argus has been a very professional and friendly client partner for Kalpvaig. We have been working for more than 3 logo design and custom WordPress web design projects now. Thank you Argus for your great."
Dr. Jordan Argus
"Stefani has been associated with Kalpvaig for quite some time. She is a very professional and friendly partner to work with. We have been working for logo design and custom WordPress web design projects now. Thank you Stefani!."
Stefani Butler
"Birth Poster Plugin Development: Jorge Trigueros is a client for whom we developed a plugin such that each product added in Woocommerce can be configured with its own options and then customized by the user."
Jorge Trigueros