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Having a perfect website for your business is always better for your business. Website boost your sale and increase the area to a larger audience. The best way to attract customers is to build a balance between information and design. At Kalpvaig we design your information to most creative way possible.

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Frequently asked questions

These are the frequently asked questions, please go through these to get some basic but useful knowlege for the website development.


Do you want to increase your online presence? Do you want to increase your sale? Do you spend too much time explaining everyone about what type of services or products you provide to customers? If the answer is yes, then obviously you needed a website which can do it for you. For more info Read this article from our blog.
Static website means all your content can only be changed from developer side and are usually coded in HTML. These kind of website is required if you wanted to display contact information and some conventional products or services which are not frequently changed. These are usually informative website.
Dynamic Website means all your content can be changed but the design can only be changed at the time of development. Dynamic website provides a better way to manage the content and provide you the panel to change the description about the displayed products and services.
Yes you will get contact form with automated reply to user and admin about the new contact information.

Advance Questions

It can be added but the cost of the website development will be increased.
You can follow this article from our blog to easily set your own website in simple steps.
It is good for SEO but in order to gain more better results it is suggested that you write some blog about the services and products to improve the SEO results.


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