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Data Entry S/W

Data Entry S/W

Kalpvaig Technologies has developed a DATA ENTRY SOFTWARE for Data entry companies in all over the world. You can use this software for any kind of data entry work and you can also sell this to your customer or client for specific time of period because it comes with license and key. You can create as many copies as you want.

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We can also replicate same software as you are using and at very low cost. Your client will never able to access database file without your permission. You will also get an addition free software to access database. We have developed Data Entry software for medical data, telecom data, cargo data and mortgage data. You can also add as many fields you want. Our software is very simple to use, You can enter license key then select expiry date and set admin password to open software, this is one time process to setup the software. Then you enter the admin password every time you want to open the software. After this software will be open and you just need to select the image file and start typing, you can easily stretch or shrink the image file according to your need. You can also search for particular file or record and you can also delete and edit any file. Software automatically generate the database file and database log file and you can easily copy that file into your pen drive or any device and use it or sell it as you want. This is the best Data Entry software present in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Now we are looking to sell it to more customers, so that every data entry company can benefit from it at very low cost. You can also contact us if you have any other type of software requirements, Website development requirement or mobile application development requirement and we will defiantly do it within your budget and timeline.

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