About Us

We Solve Business Problem

Kalpvaig is a registered trademark of Parardham Information Technology LLP aimes to create quality products in IT services. We started from web application and soon expanded to mobile application development. We believe to simplify the products by engineering the mobile based products. Using this approach we aimed to maximize the potential customer for the client by suggesting them for using mobile application approach. Using the mobile first and cloud first approach we aimed to deliver the reliable and robust solution to our clients and their consumers.

At kalpvaig We follow these basic rules:

  • Securing Everything
  • Design Perfect
  • Develop maintainable code
  • Test Everything
  • Cloud and Mobile First Approach

Our team is expert in Internet of Things' cloud infrastructure. We work with a approach of "Failsafe model", so we provide the amazon elastic cloud computing on virtually any cloud platform or VPS solution.

Our Company follows CMM Level 2 with all the documentation of the codes and test cases on each of the project. We also provide the agile software development in case of user requirement. Click Here to get the quote on Agile Software Development

Our Team

Our team is really good at the coding and getting the project done.

Akshay Singh

CEO & Founder

Equipped with the power of Web Development.

Shashwat Singh

Founder & CTO

Work on securing things and android developer

Sonu Singh

Backend Developer

Design and develop the backend of the applications

Ravi Kumar Gupta


Maintains the balance sheet and a software tester.

Yashashvi Singh

Web Developer

Develops awesome web applications

Gaurav Pravin

Marketing & Web Developer

Develops awesome websites