What is ERP

Enterprise resource planning is the CORE BUSINEE PROCESS integrated management real-time often in mediated by software and technology. (ERP) system integrate solution has been proposed as yet. ERP classification is given. Recent trends in commercial systems are analyzed on the basis of human resources (HR) management software. An innovative “straight through” design and implementation process of an open, secure, and scalable integrated event-driven enterprise solution is suggested. Implementation results are presented.

ERP Software Modules

  • Distribution process management
  • Supply chain management
  • Services knowledge base
  • Configure prices
  • Improve accuracy of financial data
  • Facilitate better project planning
  • Automate the employee life-cycle
  • Standardize critical business procedures
  • Reduce redundant tasks
  • Assess business needs
  • Accounting and financial applications
  • Lower purchasing costs
  • Manage human resources and payroll